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Title: start


This wiki is currently inactive but is here for archival purposes.


This is the start page for the wiki. The wiki was installed due to an immediate need to discuss comments for the CCHIT comment period so it is rough at best. When things settle down, there may be some re-organization and some aesthetic improvements. We are only now learning about the features. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know. Click here for editing help.

A Few Notes

  1. When editing, consider including your name so we can figure out who said what if we need clarification. “–JN”
  2. Typically you should not delete content, you may re-word, correct errors, and give your own comments.
  3. Use the edit button at the end of a paragraph to edit that paragraph. I assume we will have fewer conflicts if people edit individual paragraphs rather than full pages.


Wiki Content

Making Concept Standardization A Reality

Meetings Agendas, minutes and notes for conference calls.

Final AHIC use cases AHIC released the final version of 6 use cases that may impact Emergency Care.

CCHIT Comment Period Here we will be discussing the impact of CCHIT requirements for certification. Our internal deadline for comments prior to the next discussion is Feb 7th, if I am not mistaken

ONC Referral Use Case Comments Comments were submitted 2-14-08.

Frequently Discussed Acronyms Draft List of Acronyms and explanation of our involvement. This will likely migrate off the wiki once stabilized.

EIA Successes This is a log of our work products to date.

DEEDS Data Elements for Emergency Department Systems.


The Sandbox is a place to experiment, to make mistakes, and to learn.


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