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Software EDIS EDIS (Alert Life Sciences Computing Inc.)

EDIS (Alert Life Sciences Computing Inc.)


Application Information

Product Name EDIS
Company Name Alert Life Sciences Computing Inc.
Provider of Information Jerry Colachino
Page Updated October 29, 2008
Defining Characteristics Touch screen technology, intuitive graphical user, workflow centric, patient centric
Unique Qualities Visually interactive, aesthetic, and easy to use.
Dashboard Features A separate patient list, each patient being a bar graph colored by acuity.
Awards Oracle Top Partner 2008, Meal of Honor form the Portuguese business association, 2007 Ernst and Young Emerging Entrepreneurs of the year, COTEC, IST Nominee
Most Installed Version 2.4
Version Being Demoed for New Installs 2.4.2
Delivery Methods WebFlash


Preferred Clinical Data Input Methods Touchscreen
Other Clinical Data Input Methods Mouse and Keyboard • Mouse Alone • Keyboardless • Tablet • Touchscreen • Laptop • Voice


Administrative Reports Ask for sample pdf version of reports.


Product Creation Story Started in 1999 as a web based content tool. The CEO was at Stanford. After winning a prize, he started a company focussed on meeting the needs of electronic documentation. The company has been profitable since 2001.
Clinician Creators George Guimaraes, MD PhD
Year Company Started 1999
ED Go Live Year 2001
First ED Product Sold 2002

Development and Direction

Clinicians Leading Development George Guimaraes, MD PhD
Claudia Silva
ED Product Development Location Portugal
Physicians Who Have Promoted Bob Rothstein, Barton Leonard

Financial and Install Base

Live Install Notes 8,583 facilities, 647 hospital, Many using the product in the ED. US sites preparing to go live.
Company Ownership Privately Held
Pricing Model Varies depending on the size of facility
Posted Profit in 2007 Yes
2007 Sales 34.1 million

Learn More

Product Website http://www.alert-online.com/

Visually very interesting, very popular outside the US.  Integrated solution.

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